Late last year I decided I wanted start a tradition in my family, especially for when Liam gets older. I wanted for all of us, together, as a family to volunteer for a cause of our choice once a month. It could be as simple as gathering things around the house for donations or food for the local pantry.  Just something. I wanted Liam to grow up in an open and giving environment and for it to, hopefully become second nature to him as he gets older.  When I started talking to other moms about my idea I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone in wanting to create service opportunities for children.  In a nutshell, that was how the CLH was born.  “Communities little Helpers” was started in the beginning of this year and so far I have rallied together 10 families with children ages 0-6 years of age. I formally started through my church however all are welcomed to join.  Since we have started we have made packaged sock cupcakes for residents at local nursing home, went to a zoo in town and handed out “sunshine” notes to strangers, and just recently held a diaper drive for a local diaper bank in our area.  The idea of the diaper drive was presented to me from another mother in the group as her daughter’s school was doing the same thing. I had never thought of donating diapers before but what a wonderful thing to give! We all know how expensive they are and how fast we can go through them.  We used the month of May as our May is for Mothers diaper drive (fathers are included too J ) and were able to collect 590 diapers to be donated!! The women at the organization were thrilled and so appreciative.  I know Liam is too young to understand now but soon he will and I am so excited to bring him up in a way that teaches him to recognize and act on situations where someone can use a little help. It is by far the most rewarding feeling.

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