Care For A Spot Of Tea?

Chad loves his tea…I mean LOVES it! He knows all the different kinds and what they are good for, has special tea pots that look like they should be in a lab and a collection of class jars housing all of his favorite loose leaves.

Needless to say this little obsession took up some space in the cabinets of our very teeny tiny kitchen.  When I was pregnant with Liam I knew we had to make room in the cabinets for bottles, cups, bibs, and what ever else comes with feeding an infant.  Not really sure how we would squeeze everything together I went into the adjoining sunroom and looked around for some unused or underdeveloped space.  Since our kitchen is so small we couldn’t actually fit our garage cans in that room so we kept them just outside in the sunroom.  I hated the look of it and it really brought the whole room down.  I asked Chad to build a cabinet to house both the garbage can and the recycling can so it wasn’t so …. in your face….

After the cabinet was finish and I painted and stained it, it really worked well in the space.  I thought, why don’t we take this one step further and make Chads one Tea/Coffee bar to use up the space above the cabinet in a unique way that will display his glass jars and tea pot as well as free some some cabinet space in the kitchen.  I saw this idea of course on Pinterest and also on the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  We used chalk board paint to write on and scrap wood from other projects we did around the house.  It costed us almost no money at all and now is a great conversation piece and gives the sunroom a much needed homey look.





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