Using What You Have

For some reason it really bothers me when I watch shows on TV and the designers take a really old house and try to make it ultra modern, or vise versa, take a modern home and try to make it look old.  I agree and understand that there has to be balance, I and love mixing old with new however the majority of the feel of the house should come from what you start with.  Let the house speak for itself and simply enhance what you already have.

Our house had great charm. It’s fun to play off that and add unique touches that really pop.  I love finding great peaces at garage sales, antique stores, flea markets etc that really add something to a space and makes it your own.

Chad’s mother found this amazing handmade cabinet at an estate sale for cheap and snatched it up for us.  It works perfectly in our living room and is great to decorating with plants or other fun items.  The tiny drawers are also perfect for hiding out iPhone and iPad chargers!



Farmhouse or Faux


There has always been something about the old farmhouses that brings a smile to almost anyone’s face.  It’s that unique charm that seems to be rapidly disappearing as time goes on.  I always dreamed of having my own farmhouse one day.  I wanted the long wooden table for family gatherings, the fresh produce from my garden, rocking chairs on the front porch and acres of land where my future kids and dogs can run free.

My husband and I got married in 2012 and after living in a small apartment for year to save our pennies we decided to search for our dream home.  As a young couple just starting out it was a harsh realty to find that our budget and area we were looking to live offered nothing near that dream farm style house we desperately wanted.  We looked at mostly 1950’s and 1960’s modular style ranch homes that offered boxy layouts and almost no charm at all.  They were boring and cold.

Finally after months of searching we found a 1930’s cape style home that was as close to our farmhouse we would ever come in that moment and it truly captured us.  It is surrounded by someone ELSE’S farm but looking out my kitchen window, I can pretend it is mine.  It had hardwood floors, a beautiful mantel and so many little details we could not find in any other house we could afford it instantly became love a first site.  After we purchased the house we quickly found out how popular it was around town.  Everyone seemed to know it and everyone started to express how they would always drive by on their way to work or while running errands and fantasized what the inside looked like.  I decided to start this blog to document my husband and I’s journey in taking the great bones we started with and transforming this house into our dream farmhouse.  It is our dream faux farmhouse.

This is the first picture we took after we got our keys!



Start With The Bones


Radiators! I don’t know what it is about them but I love them! These were already painted white so it was one less thing we had to do, but I loved the thought of warming my socks or jeans on them on a cold winter morning.  I feel like they always add something special to an old house.




Built-ins! Who ever built this house back in 1935….THANK YOU!!  bedroom furniture is so bulky and expensive.  My husband Chad and I didn’t have to buy any dressers and try to find a place for them  in the bedrooms.  The built in’s are not only beautiful but extremely practical as well.



Glass knobs and skeleton keys!  Now come on, how many people can actually say they have an old skeleton key for each of their doors and original glass knobs that cast a rainbow of colors into the room when the sun hits it?  I haven’t met many! These were just some of the great bones we had to start with in creating that rustic elegance we wanted to go for.

If you have good bones to work with, your creative juices flow so much easier I feel in terms of design.  Start with the bones!