Getting Creative with Thrifty Decor

It’s been made pretty clear that during the summer time I thoroughly enjoy traveling around the county to various garage sales and thrift stores on my Saturday mornings, picking up unique, pretty, and CHEAP items for my home.  Here are a few more!

These glass bottles looked like a miniature version of the glass milk bottles that my family used for favors at my baby shower so it was instant love at first sight!  At $2 there was no way I was going to pass it up either.  I intend on using these for several uses such as storing dried herbs from our garden, holding candy during Halloween or Valentines day, but for now it is going to be a home for my scallions.  I love to use scallions in almost everything I cook.  And if you put them in just a little bit of water they will continue to regrow as you cut them!  This fits perfectly in the window in my kitchen and looks completely adorable! 🙂




One of the newest obsessions that my husband as gotten into are old wooden crates, preferably explosive crates.  In a short amount of time he has started up a small collection.  I knew I had to come up with something clever to use these crates with before I went absolutely bonkers looking at them scattered around the house serving no purpose….  my answer….. Our new shoe cubby.  Because they are so old and have “weathered many storms” if you will, I don’t feel bad about putting our dirty shoes and boots in them.  I was surprised at how cute they actually looked in them and the best part was… Chad even liked the idea! Victory!





I guess I have to thank my husband for deciding to collect random objects because it forces me to get creative with my decorating… it also keeps me from losing my mind with him 🙂

He loves the look of old pharmaceutical bottles as well.  I struck gold at a local barn sale where the owner had shelves and sheaves of them.  I only had a few bucks on me left from a successful day so I picked out 4 of my favorite looking ones and got them for $1 each.  I was able to get an old glass Listerine bottle, Halls Sore Throat Remedy, and a medicine bottle from Montclair NJ. I have to admit they are the cutest little things and a great part of history that make a wonderful conversation piece when people visit your home.  I, myself, am guilty of collecting old bottles at garage sales so I gathered up a few of them and decided to make a nice centerpiece for our dining table.  My inspiration was from Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  I see her put various greens in each bottle to and normally put it on a fireplace mantel.  I found bunches of greenery at Weis on sale so I picked them up, cut to size and placed them in varying heights on the table.  I think it came out pretty well!







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