Letting Your Home Breathe

It’s finally spring! Which means it’s time for cleansing your home and decluttering all that you have collected over the past year.  And for my family that means garage sale time! Anyone who knows me well knows that I love garage sales! Ever since I was a kid my family had a huge garage sale every year.  It was always held at either my parents house or my grandmothers.  It was always my family, my two Aunts, with my cousins and my grandparents.  We spent weeks before the sale collecting, cleaning and pricing all of our stuff we wanted to sell.  For us kids it was exciting because whatever money we made from selling our old toys or clothes was ours to spend how we wanted.  This was a great incentive my parents encouraged so we would be more willing to help out cleaning the house.  We loved it! We would sell lemonade and constantly ask my mom (who was always keeper of the “books”) to see what our running tally was.  Most of our stuff was priced under $1 and some anywhere from $5 to $10.  My mom always told us it was not about who could make the most money, it was who had the least amount of stuff to BRING HOME at the end of the day!  That was always the worst part of the day….cleaning up and boxing up all the things that didn’t sell and trying to find a place for it back in the house….. No kid wanted to do that after just helping to haul it all out, clean it up, and individually price every item.  So we priced cheap!

There is something so nice about doing a complete purge of your home.  You really get the sense of your house taking a deep breath and saying….” AHH Thank You!”

Over the years I developed rules for myself when it comes to choosing whether something stays or goes.  For the most part, if I have not worn the item of clothing or played with a toy for a year then, in my eyes, I wouldn’t miss it if I got rid of it and there is surely someone else out there that will find it, appreciate it, and use it much more than me.  I know when I go out to sales and I find that special something I have been looking for whether just to have or to repurpose it is a rush of excitement because you felt you have searched high and low for it and, of course, you got it for a great price!

I have been going to sales every Saturday with my mom, Aunt, and when she was alive, my grandmother ever since I was a kid.  We loved it! my siblings and I all had a little change bag we would bring of our coins and dollar bills we have collected from chores or saved up from birthday money and we were ready to find our treasures.  Even now at 28 years old, I still get excited to go out every Saturday morning to see what I can find.  My friends are always in awe to see what I have bought or repurposed and now give me lists of things to find for them since I have such good “Luck”.  But the truth is, there are many weekends we go out all morning, and drive all over the county and come back with nothing.  Which is fine with us, it’s more of the chase that we enjoy; the people you meet, who are doing them same thing you have always done. Clean out their buried treasures that they have no more use for and allow someone else to find, create and enjoy them.  Allowing there homes to breathe fresh air again.



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