Meet the Women of Three B’s Finderys

Even though photography is my part time job I still consider myself a small business owner and love connecting with others who share the passion to create work doing what they love and what makes them happy. Whether it be full or part time or perhaps just a weekend hobby, making that time to do things that spark a fire in your soul and excitement in your bones is one of the key factors in living a full life.  So I am always supporting those to take the chance just like I did.

Recently I sat down to speak with the women of Three B’s Finderys and talk about what inspired them to create this new venture for themselves and learn a little more about what they do.  Not only are they a ton of fun to be around but are all super talented in different ways which help make this dynamic trio unstoppable.

Meet Jen, Lori and Danielle….

What Exactly Is the Three B’s?

Jen: We are Danielle Dippel, Lori Campbell, and Jennifer Domaracki … and we are “Three B’s Finderys.” Our mission is to make the old and discarded, new again. We showcase the beauty in things that have seen their time. With some vision, elbow grease, and lots of love we will give reclaimed objects an encore.

How did the three B’s come about?

Lori: We realized that we all have different skills and together would make a good combination for this type of business.

Jen: Good things come in threes!

Danielle: … and prevent ties for decision making!

What inspired the name?

Lori: There are three of us, hence Three  –   The B is a secret and cannot be revealed  –  Finderys is a word that Danielle’s daughter uses for her treasures so it just flowed together.

Danielle: Friday night started with the Three B’s but we knew we needed more, by Sunday it was done!

How did you all meet?

Lori: We all live in the same lake community. I live across the street from Danielle and Jen is just a few blocks away, which is very convenient.

Jen: Yes —  beautiful, New Jersey. These ladies are part of our “lake family.”

Danielle: Different times but the same beautiful place.

Who came up with this vision?

Lori: Danielle discussed the idea with us one night and by the next morning we had a name and Three B’s Finderys was born.

Jen: Danielle has the gift of finding awesome treasures. Together, we all had different ideas about what to do with them.

Danielle: I could tell each of us would add a certain artistic characteristic that couldn’t be duplicated.

Where do you find your inspiration for the pieces?

Lori: So far we have been very lucky to find things that we all like for one reason or another.  We then figure out what to do to make the item into something different. Some of the items kind of tell you what they should be.

Jen: Treasures absolutely tell you what they want to be. You may have an idea of something that you want to try, but the item dictates the outcome. I once took home two window panes to work on. I had some ideas for what I wanted to do. I was almost embarrassed to tell the B’s the next day, “the windows want to be (this) instead.” Danielle got so excited, screaming “that’s what I am talking about!” It may sounds a little out there, but in some way or another, the item “tells us” what it wants to be.

Danielle: We have a certain criteria of things that we know we can make better.  We find it first, figure out later —

Where can we find you?

Lori: On Facebook and Instagram

Jen: … and Pinterest as well! A blog of our adventures is to come.

Danielle: Hopefully our own website soon.

What do you hope to accomplish?

Lori: We hope to restore beauty in things before they make their way to a landfill.  We also hope to bring happiness to the people who buy from us.  It is a great joy when someone buys something that you made and tells you how much happiness it brings them.

Danielle: We hope to accomplish one of kind pieces from unusual materials, not to be found anywhere else.

Jen: I hope that we can continue to create items that people “need to have” — those that they are happy to display in their home. We seek out tools and materials that are made in the USA. That is important to us. We love to take unwanted items and find a new and unique use for them.

What is your favorite piece yet?

Lori: I would have to say the first pallet shelf that we made.  It started out as a wine rack and when we realized we didn’t have the right amount of wood to make it we just changed course and it became a shelf.  I would say it was a defining moment in how we work together.  We laughed and learned a lot that day.

Danielle: Yeah I’m not good at picking favorites.

Jen: I agree with Lori — our very first completed project. It just needed to be done! We talked so much about how and when. We just needed to get busy. Every working day is a learning experience with these ladies. It’s not boring stuff, I’ll say that!


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