My Little Nugget!

On April 6th, 2015 Chad and I welcomed our beautiful little boy Liam into the world.  I was induced and labored for two days, and ended up with a 3rd degree tear, but as any new mom will tell you… it was all worth it.  Every stereotypical, mushy comment parents say such as “It changes your life forever, they never thought they could love someone so much, and how they could not imagine their life without this tiny person in it” is all true.  As a new mom I find myself saying those same exact phrases.  Born at 8 lbs 11oz our “little” nugget has brought us so much joy.  Even though Chad and I are  operating on little to no sleep and have on more than one occasion looked at each other and said “Parenting is SO Hard!” When he looks up at us and smiles his tiny grin (whether it is gas or not) warms our heart and makes every diaper change, late night feeding, and random fussy/cry fest all worth it.

We have done many newborn pictures for other parents in the past so when it came time for Liam’s I wanted to do something different.  I wanted it to be as natural a possible. No baskets, suitcases, funny outfits or other props.  Just him in his natural state…..which right now is usually sleeping….  There was something very organic about just lying him on our bed and documenting him sleep peacefully, innocently existing in this world.  Quiet moments  like these are when I sit back and envision what his life will be like in the coming years.  What kind of person will he become?  How can I guide him and teach him important lessons on how to be a good, loving, honest person like my parents taught me, and Chad’s parents taught him?

It is all so wonderfully terrifying and exciting. I have never felt so ready for the task.


















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  • Aunt Di April 25, 2015   Reply →

    A job well done! What a talented young woman you have become. You never cease to amaze me and your best creation is your little Nugget!

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