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It’s true when they say one’s trash is another’s treasure.  It’s summer time, which means I have my list ready and every weekend I’m off searching the many garage sales and flea markets around the county to find the perfect pieces for my home.  There is something so satisfying when you find a tired and worn down item, big or small, and with a little tender loving care, it breathes new life and serves new purposes for years to come.

Last year I found an out dated sewing table and had this idea I wanted to flip it into an outdoor bar table.  I had seen it done before and thought the idea was genius!  The sewing machine is housed inside the table and when the top is closed it looks like a regular night stand.  I found it at an estate sale and bought it for $20, more then I wanted to spend, but I had dreams of up-cycling it and then selling it for a profit. I took out the sewing machine and placed a roasting pan in its place.  This is where the bottles and ice can be held for the out door bar.  The top door of the table then becomes a countertop to hold glasses and napkins.

My cousin’s wife had just done a large painting project with this beautiful light blue color and I thought it would be perfect to use on the table.  It’s bright and cheery for summer and I thought it would really make the piece pop.  I should mention that all this came about after I watched a marathon of Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer.  I promise the same will happen to you if you watch the show 🙂 They make it look so easy!

Well, I tried selling the table at a local garage sale and with no luck….

Everyone loved the idea and thought it was really clever but just not enough to take home.  However, as time went one I was happy I didn’t sell it.  A small part of me wanted to keep it for my own home but felt guilty doing so because I had made my mind up that this was going to be my first successful flip!  But that guilt quickly went away when I found the perfect spot for it in my living room!  Now it holds a few books and some flowers and is one of the first things you see when you enter the room.  In the end I am happy I didn’t sell it and can continue to tell it’s story for some years to come.





sewing machine flip

sewing machine upcycle

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    I love this! You are so creative!

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