Rustic Farm Table for Ten Please!

Even before the rustic farm style decor became super trendy, I was always obsessed with having a long wooden table underneath a draping tree in my back yard.  Who wouldn’t  want to spend a warm summer evening, together with friends and family, eating good food and creating great memories, all surrounding a beautiful wooden piece of art?!  It’s even better when you don’t have to spend over $1,000 for it!  After our deck was completed we knew that the table was the next task on the list.  It would be the statement and the game changer for how our outdoor space functions.  There are an incredible amount of DIY plans available online for your own farm table however the plans we found on seemed to be exactly what Chad and I were looking for.  Here is the link if you are interested:

Some of the wood we purchased new but the top is the real show stopper.  A friend of ours lives next door to a man who just happened to be ripping out the old floor boards in this attic, which may I mention, were over 100 years old!!  We knew that would be the perfect wood to use on the top of the table, as well as a great piece of history.  He was more than willing to give us a few boards and Chad with our friend Don went to work!  We stained and Poly’d several times so it would hold up to the outdoor elements and purchased black metal side chairs we found for a great price at Wayfair’s end of the summer sale.  Next, we strung up string lights draped through the cherry blossom tree and we are ready to party! The table is 10 ft long and fits 10 people very comfortably.  Who’s hungry?!






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