Start With The Bones


Radiators! I don’t know what it is about them but I love them! These were already painted white so it was one less thing we had to do, but I loved the thought of warming my socks or jeans on them on a cold winter morning.  I feel like they always add something special to an old house.




Built-ins! Who ever built this house back in 1935….THANK YOU!!  bedroom furniture is so bulky and expensive.  My husband Chad and I didn’t have to buy any dressers and try to find a place for them  in the bedrooms.  The built in’s are not only beautiful but extremely practical as well.



Glass knobs and skeleton keys!  Now come on, how many people can actually say they have an old skeleton key for each of their doors and original glass knobs that cast a rainbow of colors into the room when the sun hits it?  I haven’t met many! These were just some of the great bones we had to start with in creating that rustic elegance we wanted to go for.

If you have good bones to work with, your creative juices flow so much easier I feel in terms of design.  Start with the bones!

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