Thrifty Children’s Art Station

The idea for a little art station started when my mom came across this adorable wooden children’s desk at a local consignment shop.  It has been painted numerous colors before landing the most recent classic white and was made out of solid wood.  She was so excited, as any eager grandma is when they find something for their grandkids, and at $8 who could blame her?!  She sent me a picture asking if I would want it for Liam and of course I couldn’t pass it up.  We went the next day to purchase this little gem and bring it home.  I could have given it a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up but I liked the weather and worn look, showing its many years of service to little boys and girls.  It then became my mission to find a chair to go with it.  The season of garage sales had just begun so I added it to my list of “must have’s” and set out on our usual Saturday morning search.

I wasn’t expecting us to find it so quickly but a week later there was a community sale within a section of town homes not far from us that we decided to check out.  Sure enough, one of the homes had a little wooden chair sitting off to the side (as if just waiting for me to bring it home) with a yellow sticker reading $5.  It was old, built solid, and beautiful.  I measured to make sure it was the right size for the desk and as fate would have it, it was.  The older woman selling it saw my eyes light up as I ran from the edge of the driveway to get a closer look (a small rush that happens when you look for something specific and actually see it for the first time).  She told me it was an old school chair from one of our local elementary schools which made it even more worth while.  I had recognized this woman and have actually bought things from her sales in the past.  She always had fun things that were right up my ally…old, weathered and worn, with stories to go with them.  The last time I was at her sale I bought a box of old mason jars that my husband and I used for decorations at our wedding.

I grabbed the chair and without question paid the owner.  Liam’s future art station was coming together!  Now I know I may be getting ahead of myself as he is only 9 weeks old…. but seriously, how can you pass up an $8 desk and $5 chair that will hold up and look so perfect in his playroom?!

To complete his station I used a rustic candle holder that I had bought a while from Home Goods and was using in the bathroom to hold cue tips, cotton balls and bath salts, and switched it out for crayons, paint brushes and colored pencils.  I used a wooden painted banner my sister in law made for my baby shower as a finishing touch to tie his little creative corner together.  It is both exciting and sad to know that I will blink and all of the sudden Liam will be sitting at that desk coloring pictures all day long.  And all for just $13….  Gotta love thrifty treasures!






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