Ultimate Little Boy’s Playroom

This was one of my favorite projects to do in our house.  Originally this was our third bedroom which Chad and I were using as an office.  When we found out we were going to have Liam I immediately started planning his dream playroom.  I started looking at local garage sales over the summer for fun pieces and came across a BRAND NEW in the box teepee for just $20! I knew I wanted this to be the focal point of the room.  I am anxiously awaiting for the days where he crawls inside to read a book or dream up some amazing adventure of his own.  If you remember an earlier post with the old wooden desk  and chair I found a thrift store, I placed that between to big windows to provide lots of natural light for arts and crafts.

I knew I wanted a magnet station for when he got a little older as well so I used a baking sheet and purchased some heavy duty velcro at Wal-Mart and hung it on the wall next to some other fun toys.  My mother in law purchased the cube storage station at Home Depot which was perfect to hide all those little odds and ends.  I don’t want to wish time away, and I understand completely when other parents tell me to cherish every moment because the fly by…but I admit it is hard for me not get excited for when Liam is a little older, to go running into his special room yelling for his mommy to come join him.  For right now he crawls all over the room as the natural explorer that he is.











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  • Lori December 27, 2015   Reply →

    Such a lucky boy! A wonderful playroom for a wonderful little guy!

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