Using What You Have

For some reason it really bothers me when I watch shows on TV and the designers take a really old house and try to make it ultra modern, or vise versa, take a modern home and try to make it look old.  I agree and understand that there has to be balance, I and love mixing old with new however the majority of the feel of the house should come from what you start with.  Let the house speak for itself and simply enhance what you already have.

Our house had great charm. It’s fun to play off that and add unique touches that really pop.  I love finding great peaces at garage sales, antique stores, flea markets etc that really add something to a space and makes it your own.

Chad’s mother found this amazing handmade cabinet at an estate sale for cheap and snatched it up for us.  It works perfectly in our living room and is great to decorating with plants or other fun items.  The tiny drawers are also perfect for hiding out iPhone and iPad chargers!



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